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Bharatpur is a small city of Rajasthan and situated in the north east part of the state. The city is considered as the "Eastern Gateway" to Rajasthan. Maharaja Suraj Mal was founded the city in 1733. Bharatpur is placed at a distance of 184 km from Delhi and 55 km from Agra. In past, Bharatpur was the capital of Jat Kingdom and its land tells many historical stories of Mughals and British attack. The city is well known for the Keoladeo National Park which is the prime destination for the tourists. The place is holding many wonderful forts, palaces and Rajput and Mughal architectures which are visible almost everywhere from the city.

Deeg-32 km on Alwar Road.

Tourist Attractions in Bharatpur

Lohagarh fort, Keoladeo Ghana National Park.

Lohagarh Fort
Lohagarh Fort was constructed by the Jat ruler, Maharaja Suraj Mal in the early 18th century. The fort is very unique than other Forts of Rajasthan, it automatically produce an atmosphere of strength and magnificence. Lohagarh fort is surrounded by moat and its sandy walls are strengthen by sandy battlements.

Government Museum
The museum showcases artifacts, exquisitely carved sculptures and ancient inscriptions. The museum is good place for those who love cultural heritage.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park
Keoladeo National Park is a very famous bird sanctuary in India which has recognized holding 400 species of water birds and thousands of migratory birds come to this park especially in winter season. The park is placed 175 km apart from Jaipur city and 185 km from New Delhi.

Ganga Mandir
The temple is situated in the heart of the Bharatpur city and is one of the most beautiful temples of Bharatpur. It was constructed in 1845 and took 90 days to complete. Every year, the temple is beautifully decorated in the religious festival Gangashaptami and Ganga Dussera.

Bharatpur Palace
The palace is positioned in the center of the Lohagarh fort and plays a significant role in attracting tourists towards it. The museum is a huge collection of archaeological wealth of every nook and corner of the city.
How To Reach
Air : The nearest airport, Agra is 54 kms. However, convenient airports from Bombay are Jaipur (174 km) and Delhi (182 km) since there are no direct flights to Agra from B'bay.
Rail: Bharatpur is well connected to all part of India and lies on Bombay-Delhi sector of Western Rly.
Road : Bharatpur is well connected to Agra (54 km), Delhi (182 km), Fatehpur Sikri (20 km), Jaipur (174 km), Mathura (36 km) and Sariska (130 km).

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