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The coldest desert of the world, Ladakh is located in the lap of the grand Himalayan and Karakoram Range of the state, Jammu and Kashmir. This place is also known as "Hermit Kingdom" where snow covers all the peaks in the winter season and its translucent Lakes, barren territory, dangerous passes and mystic culture holds the attractiveness of the place. Ladakh has become one of the famous vacation places among the Buddhist pilgrims as well as the tourists where lots of traffic can be seen in every year. The sounds of great diversity of birds like Hoopoe, Black Redstart, Brahminy Duck and other wild animals like Shapu, Bharal, Snow Leopards, Chiru and Argali speak about its wildlife.

Tourist Destinations/ Sightseeing at Leh Ladakh

Leh : Leh, the capital of Ladakh is placed in the height of 3505 meters from the sea level, Jammu and Kashmir in India. This is one of the most beautiful places of India and is the best visiting places especially during the summer seasons. The main attraction of the city is Leh Palace and Tsemo which were built by the king Sengge Namgyal and Tashi Namgyal, which are famous tourist destination. The peaks of the high altitude allow to do some adventurous activity like trekking, rock climbing and skiing during snowfall.

Dha-Hanu : Both the villages Dha and Hanu are located in the Dhahanu valley which is about 163 km apart from southwest of Leh, the capital of Ladakh. The cultural religious practices of both the villages are totally different from the other parts of Ladakh. All the people living in these two places have an appearance of Indo -European.

Central Ladakh : Central Ladakh is the foremost part of Ladakh, which was constituted by the Indus valley. This is the main tourist destination place and offers some beautiful visiting sites like the palace museum of Stok, Thiksey, Phyang, Ridzzong, Hemis, Alchi and many more.

Nubra Valley : Nubra Valley is located 150 km apart from the northern part of the capital, Leh. The meets of Shyok and Nubra River shows beautiful scenery which separates the Karakoram Ranges and Ladakh in two parts. The capital Diskit lives in approx. 118 km from Leh. At a distance of 7 km from Diskit, has grown up a small village which is very famous for double hump camels which is only found in central Asia and Nubra Velly. BOOK NOW

Changthang Area : The land of nomad. These tribes are called the "Khampas" or "Chamgpas". There are two race of nomads, one is the 'Ladakhi Nomads' and the other 'Tibetan nomads'. Tibetain nomads wear yak skin and live in movable tents. They can be seen moving around with their herds of yaks, goats, sheep, and cows in search of pasture lands. The area is also famous for its wild life. You may see snow leopards, foxes, wolves wild asses, antelopes, marmots and even some endangered species of birds like the bar headed goose, crested grebe, brahimi ducks, etc.

Zanskar : The Land of Religion, it is noted for its high ranges, fine Gompas and hospitable people. It has the largest number of Gompas in Ladakh region outside the Indus Valley. The land was virtually untouched until recently. It is now a popular destination for adventurous treks. The famous peaks of Nun & Kun are in Zanskar. Padum is the the main habitation and subdivisional headquarter. Nearby are two famous Gompas of Stagrimo & Pibithing. A two hour trek from Padum takes one to Karsha Gompa (16th Century).This is the largest and the wealthiest Gompa of this region. Other interesting Gompas of this region are - Sani (6kms from Padum), Stongdey(18kms), Bardan(12kms) and the Phugtal Gompa.

Suru Valley :

The Suru Valley one of the prettiest regions of Ladakh, stretches for 140 kms beyond Kargil to the Penzi La pass, the point of entering into the Zanskar valley. Its verdant hills are intensively cultivated. Enough snow and water during the year sustain two crops annually. The valleys are especially picturesque in spring when they are the Sankoo-Panikhar tract is magnificent. The open valley adorned with undulating alpine meadows strewn with wild flowers, groves of poplars and willows are set against the majestic backdrop of the Himalayan peaks dusted with snow.

Pangong Tso This high salt-water lake, considered to be the highest salt-water lake in the world (certainly in Ladakh!), is at 4300 mtrs in elevation, and is surrounded by mountain peaks over 6500 mtrs high. The lake is extremely long, about 150 km long, but is only a couple of miles (2 km or so) wide -- basically, shaped like a pencil.

Best Season to Visit : June to October.

Reaching Ladakh
Air : Every week 3 flights flies from Delhi to Ladakh and one can also fly from Chandigarh to Leh by air.

Road : Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir road operator provides deluxe and ordinary bus services which runs in Manali-Leh road.

ISD / STD Code for Ladakh
If dialing from within India -------++ 01982(number)
If dialing from outside India ------ ++ 91 -1982(number)

Shopping in Ladakh
Shops sell various curios, handicrafts and (supposedly) Tibetan and Indian antiques, manned by pushy Kashmiri merchants eager to make a sell. Apart from the jewelry and some traditional Ladakhi handicrafts, most of the items are made outside the region or brought in from Nepal. To prevent being fleeced by the shop owners - Bargain!! Watch out for various festivals (eg. Ladakh festival). BOOK NOW

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